JFI Colloquium - Prof. James C. Hones, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University, Advances in Synthesis and Quantum Applications of 2D Materials

3:45–4:45 pm GCIS W301/W303

929 E.57th Street

2D materials offer a unique opportunity to achieve new device functionality and realize novel quantum states. Synthesizing high-purity starting materials is key to achieving these goals. Our synthesis efforts focus on (1) growing ultra-pure crystals of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), and identifying the different types of point defects within these crystals; and (2) new strategies for graphene CVD synthesis that dramatically improve speed, reproducibility, and quality. These improvements in quality lead to dramatically improved performance and open the door to applications in quantum devices. In particular, we are exploring the use of 2D materials for compact qubit architectures in which a single heterostructure can act as a capacitor and Josephson junction.

Event Type

JFI, Colloquia

Apr 23