Aditya Nandy

Vaikuntanathan group


Aditya received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering at UC Berkeley and Ph.D. in Chemistry at MIT. As an undergraduate student, Aditya was an experimental NMR spectroscopist working with Professor Jeffrey A. Reimer. At MIT, Aditya pivoted from experimental to computational research, learning more about computational chemistry, machine learning, and cheminformatics. With Professor Heather J. Kulik, he has worked on problems scanning multiple length scales, ranging from small transition metal complexes containing as few as seven atoms, to large, periodic metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) containing tens of thousands of atoms. At UChicago, Aditya is a Schmidt AI in Science Fellow working with Professors Suri Vaikuntanathan, Benoit Roux, and Eduardo Perozo. In summer of 2025, Aditya will start as a faculty member at UCLA in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering department.