Paul Wiegmann

Professor of Physics

Paul Wiegmann
PRC 463


My research interests are in various areas of theoretical physics. In quantum condensed matter theory, I am interested in electronic physics in low dimensions, correlated electronic systems with strong interactions, topological aspects of quantum states that include the quantum Hall effect, hydrodynamics of quantum liquids, and nonequilibrium phenomena. In mathematical physics, my interests are in integrable models of quantum field theory and statistical mechanics, anomalies in quantum field theory and condensed matter, conformal field theory, quantum gravity and stochastic geometry, and random matrix theory. Topics in nonlinear physics that I am interested in include nonlinear systems out of equilibrium, interface dynamics, integrable aspects of nonlinear physics, and singularities in hydrodynamics. The current unifying theme of my research is geometry in physics.

Topics: Condensed Matter Theory, Mathematical Physics, Hydrodynamics and Physics out of Equilibrium, Nonlinear Physics